1. When the recruiter reviews the details of a submitted job opening, he or she can coordinate the translation of the job posting outside of inspira and upload the translated text into the job opening when done, as described in section 3.7 of this manual.
  2. The hiring manager may also directly enter the translated JFQ and criteria through the JFQ Translation functionality during the job opening building stage. When this happens, it is recommended that the hiring manager liaises closely with the recruiter to avoid duplication which can delay the posting process.
  3. The JFQ Translation window will initially display the text in the original language and the hiring manager or recruiter can overwrite the text with the corresponding translated text for each criterion, including the custom questions, if any.
  4. Each translated entry can have up to 800 characters (including spaces).
  5. When done, the hiring manager or recruiter saves his or her entries by clicking the OK button and then closes the JFQ Translation window by clicking Cancel.
  6. Click on the Export to JO text button to ensure the translated text will appear in the job posting.
Last modified: 13 May 2023