1. After the required and desirable work experience criteria and any custom questions have been added, the hiring manager may review the entire content of the JFQ to ensure accuracy by clicking the Preview JFQ button. This will open the Job-Fit Questionnaire Preview page, as shown below:

    Click image to open expanded view
  2. The Job-Fit Questionnaire Preview page facilitates the reviewing of the entries in the JFQ form.
  3. Work experience criteria are divided in two parts: required criteria and desirable criteria. In each part, the criteria are presented in the same order as they were entered in the JFQ form. They will be presented in that order in the job opening.
  4. No additional text should be added after is required or is desirable for the work experience criteria and after the question mark for the custom question(s). inspira will automatically append a sentence to request for more details at the end of each statement or question when the job opening is posted. It will be visible to candidates when they apply.
  5. When the verification is done, clicking on the Return button closes the preview of the JFQ.


Last modified: 13 May 2023