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  1. Custom questions are optional. The JFQ can be completed without any custom questions.
  2. Each entry can have up to 800 characters (including spaces).
  3. Custom questions should be entered as questions. inspira will automatically append the sentence
    Please explain below. after each question when the job opening has been posted. It will be visible to candidates when they apply.
  4. Custom questions are not exported into the job opening under work experience.
  5. Candidates who answer No to an eliminatory question will be screened out by inspira.
  6. Custom questions must be clearly linked to the job opening and may help to assist in determining an applicant’s eligibility and suitability for the job opening to which he or she applied. They may relate to responsibilities, to professionalism, to education, language or other skills required to undertake the functions or to eligibility. Typical questions may also refer to the duty station, shift work or specific types of technical work.
  7. The content of a custom question should not relate to work experience. Work experience criteria must be entered under Required and Desirable Work Experience.
  8. Recruiters will carefully examine all custom questions to ensure a clear linkage to the job opening.
  9. For job openings based on an individually classified job description, the central review bodies will also review and approve the custom questions in connection with the review of evaluation criteria.
  10. Criteria must not be numbered, inspira does it automatically.


Last modified: 13 May 2023