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  1. At least one required work experience criterion must be entered.
  2. inspira will automatically append the sentence Please explain below how your experience meets this criterion using examples. at the end of each statement when the job opening has been posted. It will be visible to candidates when they apply.
  3. Each entry can have up to 800 characters (including spaces and line breaks).
  4. The minimum number of years and area of work experience of the position are always entered as required. It is recommended that the first criterion entered is related to the years of work experience.
  5. Required criteria are always eliminatory (i.e. candidates who answer my experience does not meet this criterion or who do not provide a written answer are automatically screened out by inspira).
  6. The basis of the evaluation criteria must be included in the classification document (classified job description or generic job profile) or a previously approved job opening.
  7. Required criteria (i.e. essential to the functions) must be clearly distinct from desirable criteria (i.e. not essential but enable candidates to better fulfil the functions).
  8. Present tense must be used when formulating the criteria.
  9. Entries such as is an asset, is an advantage or is highly desirable should be avoided.
  10. Criteria must not be numbered, inspira does it automatically.
  11. As no experience is required for positions at the P-1 level, the hiring manager must manually add the following required criterion:

Applicants to positions at this level who have an advanced university degree in a relevant field of study are not required to have professional work experience. For applicants who have a first level university degree, two additional years of qualifying work experience is required.

  1. As no experience is required for candidates who have passed the YPP/NCRE or G to P exams who apply for positions at the P-2 level, the hiring manager must manually add the following required criterion for job opening at the P-2 level:

A minimum of two years of progressively responsible experience in the area of (insert specific area) or the successful completion of the Young Professionals Programme Examination (YPP)/United Nations National Competitive Recruitment Examination (NCRE) or the General Service to Professional Examination (G to P) is required.

Click on the video to learn about The Evaluation Criteria, Planned Assessment Method(s), Special Notice, and Translation (Sections : Critères d’évaluation, Méthode(s) d’évaluation, Notice spéciale et Traductions)


Last modified: 14 September 2023