1. Fill out the fields of the Evaluation Criteria page including the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk *).
  2. In Years of Work Experience, enter the number of years required for the position. The Required checkbox must be marked to invoke automated pre-screening of applicants.
  3. In Field of Work, select the field by clicking on the search icon and finding the appropriate field. Hiring managers may also add an Area of Specialty by clicking on the search icon and finding the appropriate area.
  4. For Required and Desirable Work Experience and Custom Questions in the Job-Fit Questionnaire, see below
    Tips 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8.
  5. (Optional only for generic/continuous job openings). In Optional: Keywords, click on Add/Edit Keywords.
    In the next screen, in the Keyword Group(s) box, enter the keywords. Make sure to enter all synonyms and variations of the keywords separated by a comma in both English and French. Ensure that the keywords are reflected in the work experience evaluation criteria of the job opening. To add additional keyword groups, click on Add another group. The maximum number of keyword groups is 15.
  6. In Education, select the minimum educational requirement, in accordance with the level of the position. Mark the Required checkbox for automated screening.
  7. Do not enter information in the fields YPP only, Main Course of Study, and Field of Study.
  8. In Competencies, add Professionalism and other competencies.
  9. In Degrees, for positions in the Professional and higher categories, add the required degrees for the position. Alternatively, the hiring manager may use the generic option, Advanced Level.
  10. In Languages, the required language with the Level of Knowledge marked as Fluency. Add additional languages stated in the job posting and indicate the Level of Knowledge sought. Mark the Required checkbox to trigger automated pre-screening. Use the Complex Language Combination tool for additional options
    (for example, when English OR French are required).
  11. In Licences and Certificates, add any required or desirable. The Required checkbox can remain unmarked as there is no automated screening for this criterion.
  12. In Tests or Examinations, select Competency-based interview and mark the Required checkbox. Click on
    Add Tests or Examinations and select Other Assessment Method or any other specific type of test or examination that will be conducted (e.g. Essay Exercise).

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Last modified: 14 September 2023