1. In Main Menu, click Recruiting > Administration.
  2. Select either Search Inspira Rosters or Search Legacy Rosters. Click on the link on the upper right-hand side to switch between searching inspira rosters and Galaxy rosters.

    Click image to open expanded view
  3. Alternatively, roster search can be accessed by clicking on Roster Search at the top of a job opening.

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  4. Define search criteria fields:
    1. Complete the fields that define the roster, i.e. Keyword, Category, Level, Job Network and Job Family.
    2. In the Roster Type(s) field, use the default E-General unless searching against other rosters, such as the young professionals programme rosters.
    3. In the Rosters per Jobcode field, select the desired job code/roster to search. Click on Add to search.
      The associated job codes will be added for the search at the same time. To search all rosters in the job family, click Select All and then Add to search.
    4. Click Qualification or Additional Criteria to set more specific criteria for the search.
  5. Once the criteria have been selected, click on Find Applicants.

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  6. Review the list of roster candidates.

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  7. Download up to 100 PHPs at once by choosing Group Action > Download Batch PHPs.

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Last modified: 1 August 2023