1. The hiring team checks that the senior recruiter is included in the Interested Party for the job opening.
  2. Under Main Menu, click on Recruiting > Search Job Openings.
  3. On the next page, enter the job opening number under Job Opening ID.
  4. Select the job opening that should be cancelled by clicking on the checkbox under the Select column.

    Click image to open expanded view
  5. Click Group Actions at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click Cancel.
  7. When asked Do you want to cancel the JO(s), click OK. There will still be an option to confirm the cancellation in the next page.
  8. Under Status Reason, select the reason for cancellation.

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  9. Include comments in the text box.
  10. Attach relevant documentation justifying the cancellation in the Activity & Attachments tab of the job opening.
  11. Click on the Save button. The job opening is cancelled.


Last modified: 1 August 2023