1. In the Main Menu, click Recruiting > Search Job Openings.
  2. Enter the job opening number and click Search.
  3. Click on the posting title.
  4. In the job opening, click on Status Matrix under Applicants.
  5. Review the Status Matrix elements for the endorsed candidates, or in case of roster selection, the recommended candidate(s).

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  6. After completing the review, click on Manage Applicants at the top of the job opening page.
  7. Click on Other Actions for the candidate that will be selected. Only candidates with the disposition Endorsed
    (or Recommended in cases of roster selection) can be proposed for selection.
  8. Click on Recruiting Actions > Edit Disposition > Propose for Selection. The candidate’s disposition will change to Proposed.

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  9. If the job opening is for multiple positions, repeat the steps above until all proposed candidates to fill all positions are marked with the appropriate disposition.
  10. Click on Selection Certificate under Applicants at the top of the job opening page.
  11. Verify that the candidate(s) for selection have the Proposed disposition and click on Confirm Selection. The candidate(s) with the Proposed disposition will be selected, and their disposition will change to Selected.
  12. Click on Confirm Selection.

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Last modified: 1 August 2023