For further detailed information on how to activate the downsizing flag, refer to Umoja Job Aid
OM – Maintain Position, steps 1 to 6 and 50 to 56.

  1. In Umoja, log in with the enterprise role OM Administrator.
  2. Click OM Administration.
  3. Click OM Processes.
  4. Click Maintain Position.
  5. Scroll down to the organizational structure (department or office) where a position in an organizational units who have direct delegation from the Secretary-General for staff selection decisions needs to be maintained (example: OCHA).
  6. Click on the name of the department or office and on the name of the specific organizational unit
    (example: OCHA CRD GDS AFRICA II).
  7. Click on the row that shows the details of the position.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Maintain Position.
  10. Click Next.
  11. In the Maintain Position Overview page, choose Maintain Position – Position Status.

    Click image to open expanded view
  12. On the next page, under the Position Status dropdown menu, select Downsizing (or select blank to remove the downsizing flag).

    Click image to open expanded view
  13. Enter the effective date of the position status.
  14. In the Comments box, enter Approval dated [date] that this position is being downsized; Maintain Position and the name of the staffing table manager.
  15. Scroll up and click Next.
  16. Review the information entered.
  17. Click on the Send button.

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  18. The process progresses to 5 Confirmation and the process reference number is created and displayed.


Last modified: 1 August 2023