1. The Secretary-General and the head of entity may make the selection decision following the recommendation of the Senior Review Group or the endorsement of the central review body. Tip 11.1.
    No selection is made for generic or continuous job openings advertised for creation of rosters. For job openings up to the D-1 level, if a roster candidate is recommended according to the Recommending Roster Candidates chapter, the heads of entity may make the selection decision without preliminary evaluation, assessment and compliance review.
  2. Before selection decision is made, the hiring manager and for D-2 level job openings, the heads of entity, should take note of information concerning the integrity and competence of the recommended candidates, and advise the official who will be exercising the staff selection authority. In all selections, the official with selection authority should be mindful of Staff Rule 9.6(e) on termination for abolition of posts and reduction of staff, and the order of retention, and the requirements of ST/AI/1999/9.

The following topics provide more information on considering integrity and performance, selection considerations and notification to candidates after selection:


Last modified: 1 August 2023