1. Roster candidates are pre-approved for selection for similar functions at a specific level and job category as defined by the Office of Human Resources. A roster is the pool of such candidates.
  2. Each roster in inspira is built on a job code representing a unique combination of functional title, job family, category and level. For example, candidates who are pre-approved for a Political Affairs Officer position at the P-3 level would be included in the roster for the Political Affairs Officer, P-3 job code no. 5119 , in the Political Affairs job family in the Political, Peace and Security Job Network.
  3. The Office of Human Resources may associate a roster to other rosters with similar profiles at the same level and job category, normally within the same job family. Such job codes are referred to as “associated titles”. As a result, candidates who belong to a roster which is associated to another roster are considered part of the latter roster as well. For example, job code no. 5119 (Political Affairs Officer, P-3) is currently associated to job code no. 4463 (Liaison Officer, P-3). Roster candidates for the former positions are considered as such for the latter positions. The Office of Human Resources may discontinue associations of rosters at any time.
  4. Roster candidates may view their existing roster membership and the associated titles in the
    My Roster Memberships page from the inspira home page. On this page, candidates may also withdraw from the roster or place their membership on hold.

    Click image to open expanded view
  5. When candidates apply to a job opening advertised with the same job code title or associated titles for which they are rostered, inspira displays a corresponding roster mark (e.g. RM, GX) to identify them for the hiring manager. For further information on roster marks, refer to the Recommending Roster Candidates section.


Last modified: 1 August 2023