Hiring managers prepare a transmittal memo providing a summary of the staff selection process for the review by the Central Review Bodies (CRB) Tip 9.1. Recorded preliminary evaluation and assessment results are automatically populated in the memo. Additionally, hiring manager should provide the following information in the appropriate text boxes:

  • the name, gender, grade level, work unit and index number of the assessment panel members;
  • an explanation of any variations/changes in the panel membership;
  • a confirmation that all panel members hold an appointment other than a temporary appointment;
  • whether the assessment panel members have attended the interviewers’ training, and if not, if they are otherwise allowed to conduct the interview (e.g. the training is not available, or exception has been granted);
  • a brief explanation of assessment methods, the passing scores, and if there was a written test, confirmation that the marking was done anonymously;
  • if any, the desirable evaluation criteria applied to arrive at the shortlist; and
  • if any, exceptions to the staff selection policy that were fully documented, including the reasons thereof, and
    reported to DMSPC Business Transformation and Accountability (BTA) in accordance with the
    head of entity’s delegation of authority.



Last modified: 1 August 2023