First option: the Candidate Summary tool

  1. The Candidate Summary tool facilitates the evaluation of the released candidates and records the overall results of the preliminary evaluation into dispositions (Not Suitable/Long List/Short List) with just one click.
  2. For each applicant released to the hiring managers, it displays a summary of key data from the PHP and responses to the Job-Fit Questionnaire in one page and includes a link to the full PHP and to the job posting.
  3. The analytics dashboard provides an immediate graphic summary of geographic and gender distribution according to dispositions.
  4. It helps to reduce unconscious bias during the preliminary evaluation by hiding candidates’ names to increase the diversity of the shortlist.
  5. After accessing the Candidate Summary landing page Tip 7.1, hiring managers review each candidate summary Tip 7.2, conduct the preliminary evaluation of each applicant Tip 7.3 and review the analytics dashboard Tip 7.4.

Second option: the legacy inspira tool

  1. The legacy inspira tool, accessible through the landing page of the job opening, allows hiring managers to change the disposition of each released candidate through various steps. The legacy inspira tool does not present a summary of candidates’ key information.
  2. The hiring managers have to open the PHPs of all applicants released to them to review their profile and to access their answers to the Job-Fit Questionnaire which are displayed at the end of each applicant’s PHP.
  3. As with the Candidate Summary tool, the legacy inspira option allows the hiring managers to change the dispositions of candidates without recording ratings or comments functionality Tip 7.5.
  4. Hiring managers may choose to leave specific evaluation rating for each area of academic, work experience and language or leave comments Tip 7.6. This may also be done offline using an Excel template Tip 7.7.
    Hiring managers deciding to leave specific rating should do so consistently for the applicants to the same job opening. Ratings and comments are required according to the steps in paragraph 1
    in Methodology to Conduct the Preliminary Evaluation to easily distinguish candidates who are not eligible for consideration on the basis of the Global General Service Test (GGST) and local recruitment principle.
  5. Hiring managers may view the details of the preliminary evaluation including the date, the recording hiring manager, and the disposition, ratings and comments Tip 7.8.
  6. Hiring managers may utilize the Applicant Search tool to find applicants based on different search elements, such as language proficiency levels or specific keywords used by the applicant in the application. Hiring managers wishing to find applications with certain keywords may enter them in the Keyword search box. The result of the search will provide all applicants who have used the keyword in their application in the cover letter or work experience sections of their PHP. The search will only render results which match the exact keywords specified by hiring managers.

For example, searching Political Affairs will render the results where the two words appear together consecutively in the exact sequence. The hiring manager may download the list of applicants Tip 7.13. Currently, it is not possible to search by criteria related to member states’ geographical representation status, troop/police contributing status and UN employment status (internal vs. external).


Last modified: 1 August 2023