1. The Secretary-General annually enters the Senior Managers’ Compact with the heads of entities to hold them accountable for meeting several managerial priorities. Human resources management targets of the compact are monitored through the Management Dashboard.
  2. Heads of entities, as well as the executive and administrative officers supporting them, should regularly monitor the performance of their respective work unit on staffing timelines, vacancy rate, geographical representation and representation of women to achieve the Senior Managers’ Compact goals. Should there are any inquiry or question in using this Staff Selection Manual either pertaining to policies or procedures, including the administration of tests, please contact the Department of Operational Support (DOS) for advice (email: dos-hr-advice@un.org).
  3. Considering the new delegation of authority framework stipulated in ST/SGB/2019/2 and possible scenarios pertaining to investigations conducted by the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) in a number of cases related to recruitment. Process for generating applications, evaluating applicants, and developing rosters to support staff selection irregularities, all heads of entities and hiring managers should be duly aware on their respective roles and responsibilities in the recruitment process, bearing in mind that all heads of entities should ensure all recruitment processes falling within their areas of responsibility are subject to fair and transparent procedures. Any irregularities identified in this regard may lead to Section 4.4 of the above SGB:
“Delegation of authority granted to a head of entity may be suspended, amended or revoked at any time by the Secretary-General on the advice of the Under-Secretary-General for Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance in consultation with the under-Secretary-General for Operational support.”


Last modified: 21 July 2021