According to the UN system-wide Gender Parity Strategy, parity in the aforementioned categories is to be achieved by 2028 the latest. The Office of Human Resources has provided entities with targets toward parity by level, and entities have been requested to prepare action plans to realize the targets. Entities can monitor their progress on the Management Dashboard as well as using the Gender Parity Dashboard where the latest gender parity data for each entity is available. In accordance with Sections 1.8. (a) and (d) of ST/AI/1999/9, vacancies in the Professional category and above shall be filled, when there are one or more women candidates, by one of those candidates provided that:

  • her qualifications meet the requirements for the vacant post; and
  • her qualifications are substantially equal or superior to those of competing male candidates.

When the qualifications of one or more women candidates match the requirements for the vacant post and the department or office recommends a male candidate, the department or office shall submit a written analysis, with appropriate supporting documentation, indicating how the qualifications and experience of the recommended candidate, when compared to the core requirements of the post, are clearly superior to those of the female candidates who were not recommended. This shall be submitted as a note to the Executive Office of the Secretary-General for review and discussion prior to the head of entity making the selection. Efforts shall be made to ensure that the pool of applicants for each job opening is gender-balanced.


Last modified: 13 May 2023