1. After each candidate’s interview, panel members should have a discussion to reach consensus on each indicator rating (yes, partially, or no if using the CBI evaluation tool; or outstanding, satisfactory, partially satisfactory, or unsatisfactory if using the legacy inspira tool) for each competency and on the overall interview rating, based on the evidence collected during the interview. Then, the mutually agreed ratings (for competency indicators, overall competency ratings, and the overall interview outcome rating) are used by the hiring manager to record the interview evaluation in inspira. Any hard copies, electronic templates, and/or other documentation from the interviews should be kept for future possible review purposes.
  2. In writing the interview report, the hiring manager is not allowed to compare candidates to each other, to rank candidates or to add information that was not elicited during the interview. Assumptions and speculative language such as seems to, looks like, appears to, or most likely must be avoided. The evaluation record must not contain derogatory or demeaning language concerning applicants.
  3. There are two options to finalize and record results for competency-based interviews – the CBI evaluation tool and the legacy inspira tool.


Last modified: 21 July 2021