Downloading PHPs in batches

Hiring managers may download up to 100 PHPs at once, using either the legacy inspira tool
Tip 7.10 or the Candidate Summary tool Tip 7.2.

Lists of applicants with roster, gender and nationality information

Hiring manager may generate reports, such as a list of all candidates in Excel Tip 7.11. Hiring managers may utilize the list for the Global General Service Test, explained next, if contact information is necessary.

Lists of applicants for the Global General Service Test

The Download GGST Request Form tool may be used to generate an Excel file containing applicants’ information
Tip 7.12. This will provide the telephone number, permanent and current address, e-mail address and nationality of applicants. For positions in the General Service and related categories that require passing the Global General Service Test (GGST), the hiring managers or staffing table managers should use this form as a template.


Last modified: 1 August 2023