1. The hiring managers are responsible for reviewing the documentation of applicants who are released to them, including the Job-Fit Questionnaire answers (work experience and custom questions). Those answers and the content of the PHPs help the hiring managers to identify applicants who meet the minimum work experience requirement as specified in Annex I.
  2. The applicants’ responses to the Job-Fit Questionnaire appear both at the end of each applicant’s PHP and in each applicant’s candidate summary (see the part below on the Candidate Summary tool).
  3. (Optional) Hiring managers may generate an Excel file with the list of applicants and separate columns for each work experience criterion identified and for each custom question if any. The Excel file will indicate at the top of the column the language/text entered by the hiring managers and whether the criterion is required/eliminatory or desirable/non-eliminatory. This tool helps hiring managers to record evaluation results offline. Hiring managers can easily identify applicants who meet the requirements and applicable desirable criteria and non-eliminatory custom questions using filters Tip 7.9.


Last modified: 1 August 2023