Job openings generally list language proficiency levels as Fluent or Knowledge of. Knowledge of is generally considered to be working knowledge of a language. Applicants are released to the hiring managers only if they meet the language proficiency requirements listed in the job opening, as specified by the applicants in their PHPs. Applicants indicate their language proficiency level in the four specific areas of Reading, Speaking, Understanding and Writing.

To be considered fluent in a language, the proficiency level in all four specified areas must be Fluent. To be considered to have Knowledge of (or working knowledge), the proficiency level in at least two out of the four specified areas must be Confident or Fluent. inspira pre-screens candidates for any required language criteria in the job opening in keeping with the candidate responses in their application. If a hiring manager decides to apply/invoke a desirable language criterion, he/she should review applications individually using the standards described above.


Last modified: 21 July 2021