1. Applicants are given the following dispositions following evaluation:

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Not Suitable
These applicants do not meet one or more required evaluation criteria of the job opening for academics, experience or language. Applicants who do not meet the condition of the eliminatory custom questions in the Job-Fit Questionnaire are marked Not Suitable as well.
The following applicants for the General Service and related category positions should also be marked Not Suitable, and given an unsatisfactory rating in the Test column, and the specific reason in the comments, using the legacy inspira tool. Tip 7.6
Applicants who have not passed the Global General Service Test (GGST) or other standardized examination approved by the Department of Operational Support for the positions in the General Service category and other functional areas. Applicants who do not meet the local recruitment principle under Staff rule 4.4(a)
Long List
Applicants who meet all required evaluation criteria of the job opening for academics, experience and language, including any eliminatory custom questions. From the Long List, applicants who meet the applied desirable criteria and applied non-eliminatory custom questions should be moved to the Short List.
If the job opening includes no desirable criteria nor non-eliminatory custom questions or none is applied, the applicants who meet the required evaluation criteria and eliminatory custom questions should be placed on the Short List rather than on the Long List. This may be done from the outset of the preliminary evaluation process (i.e. no Long List is created) or after the Long List is created.
Remain in Long List
At the time of applying the desirable criteria and non-eliminatory custom question, the hiring managers may choose to use this disposition to mark applicants who will not be moved to the Short List for further assessment. This disposition provides an option for flagging those who will remain on the Long List.
Short List
These applicants meet the required evaluation criteria, the eliminatory custom questions, and any applied desirable evaluation criteria and applied non-eliminatory custom questions. The applicants on the Short List may be subject to further assessment as detailed in the chapter on assessments..
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Last modified: 1 August 2023