Custom questions may be used to collect information about whether the candidate has passed a required UN-administered examination relevant for the position (General Service, YPP, Translators/Editors/Interpreters, etc.) including such credentials as a custom question facilitates screening by bringing this information upfront in the JFQ and may also assist in the collection of related documents or certificates. Here are some examples:

Candidates for this position must have passed the combined United Nations Competitive Language Examination (LCE) for Translators/ Précis-writers, Editors, Verbatim Reporters and Copy Preparers/ Proofreaders/ Production Editors in Arabic or a relevant United Nations competitive language examination in Arabic held before 2017. Have you passed such an examination? (If yes, please indicate the year when you passed the LCE and attach proof to your application.)

Passing the Global General Service Test (GGST) is a prerequisite for recruitment consideration in the General Service and related categories in the United Nations Secretariat. Successful passing of the United Nations Administrative Support Assessment Test (ASAT) in English or French may be accepted in lieu of the GGST. Have you passed such a test? (If yes, please indicate the year and duty station where you passed the test.)


Last modified: 13 May 2023