Job openings always include required language criteria and may include desirable language criteria. inspira automatically screens the candidate’s PHPs for required language skills (fluency or knowledge) as self-reported by the candidate. However, if a language is marked as desirable under evaluation criteria, inspira does not screen for it in the automated eligibility screening process. Thus, asking the candidate to state language skills that are desirable in the JFQ may assist with screening and give a holistic view of the candidate’s language level should desirable criteria be invoked. Likewise, some positions require specialized language skills (e.g. translation, simultaneous interpretation); custom questions may be used to gain more clarity or to highlight such specific language abilities upfront in the JFQ. Here are some examples:

Excellent drafting skills in English are required for this position. Do you have such skills?

The responsibilities of this job include drafting and editing documents, and fluency in French is desirable. Have you previously drafted and edited documents in French?


Last modified: 22 November 2021