Inspira screens internal candidates to determine their eligibility for a position. Certain eligibility criteria, such as the determination of lateral moves for P5 and above levels or eligibility for movement of staff from General Service or Field Service categories to positions in the Professional category cannot be ascertained by inspira and candidates are sent for ¨HR assessment¨. Custom questions related to complex eligibility rules may assist the recruiter in resolving these cases by allowing candidates to provide additional information upfront. Here is an example:

Specific lateral move requirements, as stipulated in paragraph 6.4 of ST/AI/2010/3/Rev.2, for United Nations Secretariat staff members holding an appointment other than a temporary appointment are required for this position. Please review that paragraph and then answer the following question: do you meet those requirements? If this requirement does not apply to you because you are already at the level of this job opening, or because you are not a United Nations Secretariat staff member, please type the words “not-applicable” in the text box below.


Last modified: 9 June 2023