1. The legacy interview report module is accessible through the Manage Applicants page. This tool allows HMs to record findings with a narrative interview report and does not register outcomes based on standard competency indicators Tip 8.11.
  2. Each competency rating is represented by a number: 1 for Unsatisfactory, 2 for Partially Satisfactory,
    3 for Satisfactory and 4 for Outstanding. The final rating recorded in inspira for each competency is based on the panel’s agreed scoring methodology: it may be based on the consensus score of the entire panel based on the definition or the average of the scores given by each member of the panel.
  3. When averaging multiple scores, it is recommended for each panel member to allocate a rating (without half points) for each competency based on the definition. The panel’s final rating would depend on where the average score for each competency fall among the following ranges:
  • 1 or higher but less than 2: Unsatisfactory
  • 2 or higher but less than 3: Partially Satisfactory
  • 3 or higher but less than 4: Satisfactory
  • 4: Outstanding


Last modified: 1 August 2023