# The CBI evaluation tool uses the standard indicators associated with the UN competencies as a methodology for evaluating candidate interview performance. This methodology supports efficient and timely consensus-based decision-making for interview panel members by providing a structure for the discussions, a standardized interview template to record results, and automated tabulation of results to reduce errors.
  1. For each indicator under each competency, panel members choose among three ratings according to the evidence collected during the interview. Definitions for indicator-by-indicator assessment follow:
Indicators Pointers Rating Justification
1 Yes Candidate demonstrated consistent behaviour to meet the indicator.
0.5 Partially Candidate has partially or inconsistently met the indicator.
0 No Candidate has rarely met or did not meet the indicator.
  1. In accordance with the Organization’s competency framework, all indicators have equal weight. Competencies may have a different number of indicators. To apply a consistent rating, inspira automatically assigns points to each indicator as shown in the table above. Then it calculates the overall rating for each competency based on the average of the indicator scores and recommends one of the following ratings: (showing the average of the indicator scores): Unsatisfactory (0), Partially Satisfactory (=<0.5), Satisfactory (>0.5) or Outstanding (1). Here is an example of points given to each of the 5 indicators for the competency “Teamwork”: 0.5+0.5+0.5+1+1, where the average number of points is 3.5/5=0.7 which corresponds to the rating Satisfactory for the competency.
  2. Before starting the interviews, panel members may have a discussion to agree on the use of the
    Partially Satisfactory rating for the individual indicators. For instance, they may agree to use it when a candidate’s answer does not cover all aspects of an indicator that contains multiple statements (e.g. “foresees risks and allow for contingencies when planning”) or when there is contradictory evidence on the indicator in another competency.
    The Partially Satisfactory rating must be based on evidence and should not be used as a compromise because the panel cannot decide on a rating of “yes” or “no”.
  3. After accessing the CBI evaluation tool Tip 8.7, hiring managers generate interview templates for panel members to record interview findings Tip 8.8. The HM is the only panel member who has access to input the final interview assessment report. Tip 8.9 and Tip 8.10.


Last modified: 1 August 2023