1. Hiring managers must review the downsized staff members for suitability against the required criteria only. Applied desirable work experience criteria, non-eliminatory custom questions and desirable job-specific qualifications as described in the Preliminary Evaluation chapter may not be used to determine a shortlist or longlist of candidates.
  2. Hiring managers may either conduct a desk review or administer a non-competitive assessment to determine whether the downsized staff member(s) meet(s) the required criteria of the job opening. Downsized staff members cannot be reviewed against any of the desirable criteria to determine suitability. If assessments are used to determine suitability, they will be scored on a pass or fail basis. When there is more than one downsized staff member among the list of applicants, there will be no ranking of candidates based on overall scores.
  3. If the downsized staff member is suitable for the position as assessed against the requirements of the job opening, the hiring manger must recommend the staff member for selection and change the disposition in inspira to Recommended. Tip 5.1.
  4. The recommendation of downsized staff member candidates does not require assessment and review by a central review body. Therefore, when a downsized staff member is recommended for selection, the recruitment will not result in the staff member, nor any other candidates being placed on the roster.
  5. A downsized staff member may only be Not Recommended if they are not suitable because they do not meet one or more of the listed requirements in the job opening. Tip 5.2.
  6. Prior to considering any other candidate in accordance with the staff selection system, hiring managers are required to document in writing those requirements of the job opening or temporary job opening, which, in their assessment, the downsized applicant failed to meet and to retain any supporting documentation that justifies their decision making. Tip 5.3
  7. Hiring managers can proceed with the assessment of other candidates only if there are no suitable downsized staff members.


Last modified: 1 August 2023