The recruiters shall complete the review of the recommendation and submit the job opening to the central review bodies within three days of receiving the transmittal memo. Recruiters should go over the following checklist to ensure that the hiring manager have demonstrated that the process was conducted according to the evaluation criteria and applicable procedures.

Disposition of candidates
There are no applicants with Screen or Short List disposition.
Recommended candidates
All recommended candidates meet the eligibility requirements under the Staff Regulations and Rules, and the. Staff Selection System – ST/AI/2010/3 and other administrative issuances. For example, the list of recommended candidates does not include temporary incumbents of the position for the last six months or a family member of a staff member. Reviewing Umoja data may be necessary.


  • All candidates on the shortlist have been invited to one or more assessments.
  • A competency-based interview was conducted.

Transmittal Memo

Tip 10.1

  • The transmittal memo was created and uploaded within the last two days.
    The transmittal memo is of the right type, as follows:
    • For standard requisitions, recruit from roster or D2 level JO, a Final Transmittal Memo should have been created;
    • For generic job opening (continuous job openings), a Batch Transmittal Memo for the batches, except for the last batch of candidates assessed, and a Final Transmittal Memo for the last batch should have been created.
  • The assessment panel was composed according to policy and standard procedures.
  • The memo specifies if any desirable evaluation criteria were applied.
  • There is a brief explanation on the assessment methods used, other than interview, if any, and the passing score thereof.

Comparative Analysis Report – CAR

Tip 8.2

  • In case there was an assessment in addition to the interview, the scores have been entered under Test Results.
  • All candidates on the recommended list passed the interview and other assessments.
  • There is a brief description of the examples and findings of the panel for each competency for each interviewed candidate.
  • The panel should conclude by stating if the candidate demonstrated the competency or not. Speculative language such as seems to be, most likely, appears to be or looks like should be avoided.


Last modified: 1 August 2023