1. An assessment panel undertakes assessments. This means that the assessment panel has the ultimate responsibility for the management of assessments in a consistent manner including creation, administration and evaluation. This does not mean that the assessment panel is required to send invitations and instructions to applicants, administer tests or collect responses. The assessment panel may be assisted by the human resources and administrative offices, hiring managers and support staff. The assessment panel may also adopt questions and assessment methods prepared and proposed by hiring managers, for instance.
  2. The assessment panels should retrieve and keep records of every stage of assessment delivery as well as their contents and results. This includes invitations, instructions or other communication sent to applicants, test-taking logs as well as questions in tests.
  3. The hiring manager, who is usually part of the assessment panel, should ensure that the requirements for assessment panel composition in h4. Staff Selection System – ST/AI/2010/3 are met. The names of all panel members must be updated in the hiring team details of the job opening Tip 8.1. The assessment panel normally comprises the same members throughout the evaluation process. However, the panel membership may differ between assessments (e.g., technical experts may grade the written assessment, while other members conduct CBI). There may also be instances where for reasons of availability of panel members, or conflict of interest, panel membership must be adjusted. The hiring manager must in all cases ensure consistency in process and equitable treatment of candidates, and document any variations or substitutions.


Last modified: 1 August 2023