1. In accordance with ST/AI/2023/1, ‘Downsizing or restructuring resulting in termination of appointments’, staff members holding a permanent, continuing, or fixed-term appointment without limitation who have been informed that their appointment will be terminated prior to the expiration date (“downsized staff members”) shall be considered before any other candidates when they apply for job openings or temporary job openings at their category and level or one level below.
  2. Human Resources in the entity that is undergoing downsizing or restructuring will ensure that the staff member has been marked for priority consideration for the designated period in inspira.
  3. The period of priority consideration for downsized applicants is detailed in ST/AI/2023/1, section 5:
    1. one month counted from the date of notification of termination for staff members on fixed-term appointments; and
    2. three months counted from the date of notification of termination for staff members on permanent or continuing appointments.
  4. Priority consideration for the downsized staff member will also be required If the staff member had applied for a job opening prior to receiving the notification of termination and the posting period for the job opening is still open at the time the staff member receives the notification of termination.
  5. In addition, when a downsized staff member is selected for a temporary job opening during the period of priority consideration, they will continue to receive priority consideration for the entire duration of the temporary assignment.
  6. Downsized staff members receive selection priority according to appointment type:
Appointment Type Downsized SM Priority
Permanent 1
Continuing 2
Fixed-Term (Competitive)* 3
Fixed-Term 4

*Two-year fixed-term after recruitment through competitive examinations for a career appointment.


Last modified: 7 August 2023