1. The standard education and work experience requirements are shown in the following links. These standards are applied through the automatic screening process. Only the applicants who meet these requirements are eligible to apply for the respective level and category of job openings.

  1. Relevance of work experience to the areas specified in the job opening is determined according to the evaluation criteria of the job opening.
  2. For a job opening in the Professional and higher categories and National Professional Officer category, only professional experience must be considered for preliminary evaluation. The determination of whether experience is professional is made by reviewing the level of complexity, and the knowledge and skill requirement of the work. Work experience acquired before obtaining a degree is counted for automatic screening by inspira, so that relevant professional work experience acquired before university graduation could be reviewed by hiring managers.
  3. In the UN system or related organizations applying the common system job classification standards, only work experience obtained in the following levels and categories is considered professional:
    1. Professional and higher categories
    2. FS-4 and above in the Field Service category
    3. National Professional Officer category
    4. GS-6 and above in the General Service category
    5. S-5 and above in the Security Service category
    6. TC-6 and above in the Trade and Craft category
    7. Language Teacher category
  4. In the event an applicant to the Professional and higher categories and National Professional Officer category does not have a relevant advanced degree (Master’s or Doctorate), a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree with two additional years of relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced degree. The Bachelor’s or equivalent degree must be obtained in the specified areas of studies if the job opening requires that.
  5. For a job opening in the General Service and related categories (other than the National Professional Officer category) and the Field Service category, only work experience obtained following the granting of a high school diploma is recognized.
  6. Different types of work experience are counted automatically by inspira as follows, and subsequently subject to a determination of relevance in terms of work area and level:
    1. Full-time work is counted at a 100 per cent rate.
    2. One part-time employment is counted at 50 per cent rate of full-time work. Two or more part-time employments held at the same time are counted as full-time work.
    3. One or more internships held during the same time is recognized at maximum 50 per cent rate of full-time work.
    4. Full-time volunteering experience is recognized at the full rate, or in case of part-time work, at 50 per cent rate.
    5. If full-time work has been recognized for a time period, no further experience is recognized for the same period for additional work.


Last modified: 13 May 2023