1. While it is easier to fill out the application online, applicants who do not have stable internet connection may use the offline application form. As the first step, applicants should download the latest version of the template using the link in the Application Guidelines tile of the Staff Member or Applicant activity center page. Only the latest version can be uploaded back to Inspira.

  1. To start an offline application, applicants should create a draft application or an application for a specific job opening, and in step 1 of the application process (Welcome), the applicant can also download the Offline Application Template.

  1. Follow the instructions provided in the offline application template and fill out the form.
  2. While applying for a job opening, choose the “Load from File” option in step 2 of the application process (Welcome). Once the template has been uploaded, complete the remaining steps to submit the application.


Last modified: 22 April 2023