1. To transfer roster memberships acquired on an external account to an employee account, in the employee account either 1) go to Main Menu > Self Service > Recruiting > Transfer roster memberships; or 2) click the My Roster Memberships tile in the Staff Member Activity Center and then click Transfer Roster Memberships. Applicants should complete their employee account profiles prior to initiating the transfer and follow the instructions to verify that they are the owner of both accounts.
  2. After transferring the roster memberships from an external account, applicants will not be able to submit new applications using the external account. This will not affect applications which have already been submitted from the external account prior to the transfer. Applicants will continue to receive status updates of the submitted applications in the external account. Any roster memberships subsequently obtained after the transfer in the external account will be automatically transferred to the employee account.
  3. For external accounts with roster memberships, changes to the first name and given name are not possible. External account holders with roster memberships who wish to change their names in Inspira should raise a support ticket and provide documentation to evidence the name changes.


Last modified: 22 April 2023