1. Applicants may create a draft application online which is not associated to a specific job opening in Inspira. Click My Applications tile in the Applicant or Staff Member Activity Center page. This opens the My Applications page. Click Create Draft Application on the upper right-hand side.

  1. To start applying for a specific job opening, click Apply Now from the job opening in the United Nations Careers Portal or Inspira. Applicants may replicate a draft or submitted application, and update the information carried over from that application to create new applications tailored to the specific job openings they are applying for.
  2. Applicants who do not have stable internet connection and are unable to complete their application online may fill out the application offline first and load the application by following the steps in Using offline application.
  3. Applicants, especially rostered candidates, are encouraged to apply early. Job openings advertised to fill specific positions may be filled with rostered candidates who are preapproved for selection during the posting period. No application will be received following the posting period of the job opening.
  4. Applicants accessing Inspira from the United Nations Careers Portal will be required to log into Inspira. Applicants who do not have an account must create an account.


Last modified: 13 March 2023