1. Opportunities for consultant and individual contractor contracts may also be advertised on the United Nations Careers Portal. Consultants are engaged in an advisory or consultative capacity to provide specialized skills or knowledge not normally possessed by staff. Individual contractors may be engaged to perform staff-like work, such as translation, editing or part-time maintenance.
  2. Undergraduate students in their final year of studies and graduate students wishing to enhance their educational experience and gain experience in the work of the United Nations may apply for internships on the United Nations Careers Portal. Interns work full-time for two to six months. Interns are not paid.
  3. United Nations Volunteers are individuals who volunteer for at least six months and who are deployed mainly to support field operations. Many of them already have relevant expertise and several years of work experience. United Nations Volunteers receive an allowance. For further information on United Nations Volunteers and on how to apply for these opportunities, visit www.unv.org.


Last modified: 22 April 2023