1. Applicants should list high school diplomas and university degrees equivalent to Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degrees. To add a high school diploma or degree, click on Add Education Details in the Education section of the application and fill out the fields. Applicants who have completed and been conferred a high school diploma or a degree should provide the details of these qualifications and indicate that the diploma or degree was “obtained.”

  1. High school diploma and degrees must be issued by academic institutions which are accredited to issue them by the competent authorities where the institutions are based. The ultimate decision on their recognition and equivalency is made by the United Nations upon the review of the nature, level, context and content of the education programme and accreditation status of the issuing institution.
  2. Many universities and degrees are searchable from the preloaded database in the application form. In case a university or degree cannot be found and the United Nations has not otherwise recognized the degree, applicants should confirm the accreditation status of the institution and degree through the institution itself and the appropriate ministry of education and accreditation bodies. After confirming that the institution is accredited to issue the specific degree, applicants may list the degree by selecting “Other/I cannot find my school” in the field for Name of Institution. Applicants should then select the second option from the dropdown, as shown below, and manually enter the name of the institution.

  1. Applicants should attach an electronic copy of the degree certificates, transcripts and other supplementary materials supporting the level and accreditation status of the degrees listed in their application in the Other information section. This especially applies to applicants who are not staff and who are not holding a permanent, continuing or fixed-term appointment with the United Nations.
  2. Up to six most relevant short-term certificates or diplomas which are not equivalent to a high school diploma, or Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate degree or equivalent may be recorded.


Last modified: 22 April 2023