The application process consists of the following steps. Applicants must fill all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Applications should be saved at each step of the process so that the information can be retrieved later.

Steps Description
1. Welcome Let us know how you learned about the job opening. Decide whether you want to create your application from scratch; replicate a draft or previous application; or use an offline template.
2. Job Requirements Answer a series of questions to help us identify candidates who meet the criteria specified in the job opening.
3. Education/ Languages Provide information about your university degrees and high school diploma. Indicate your languages skills, especially your proficiency level in the working languages of the Secretariat (English and French) including your mother tongue.
4. Experience/ References Provide information about your work experience and supervisors. Also provide professional references for reference checking especially if you have had less than three supervisors. Include supervisees if you have managerial experience.
5. Motivation statement Explain what motivates you to apply for the position.
6. Other information Upload requested documents, such as performance evaluation reports, degree certificate, high school diploma, transcripts, etc. Answer mandatory questions.
7. Review/ Submit Review all information added in the application before clicking Submit Application. Review the Terms and Agreements and click Certify and Submit Application.


Last modified: 3 March 2023