The Photo Portal is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Navigation is done via links to various features. The main link categories can be found at the upper right section of the screen. These links remain consistent. The top line will display your user name and a link to log out of the system. The main links are as follows:

  • Home – Returns you to the main login screen.
  • Orders – Displays a list of image orders and the status of each.
  • Upload – Links to the upload form for submitting new assets into Photo Portal.
  • Advanced Search – Links to the advanced search form screen. The Advanced Search allows you to perform a more detailed search using a combination of various metadata fields.
  • Collections – Links to the list of your Collections. Collections are groupings of assets which are central to the organization and management of assets within the Portal.
  • Team Center – Links to a screen that provides various administrative functions.
  • Search – Provides a quick search function. This functions like a typical web search engine.
  • Log Out – Logs you out of the Photo Portal system.

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