Clicking on the thumbnail or the asset name in either the Main Asset frame on top or My Collections frame on bottom will take you to the individual asset view. This will allow you to do additional work on an asset such as make notes or markup the asset.

The individual asset view provides a larger thumbnail of the asset, a list of downloadable files based on your account privileges, the ability to rank the asset, the ability to markup the asset and contains some of the main metadata information below the larger view. There are also a list of functions available to use in the asset tools.

Download options are listed below:

  • Original Files – Download the file in the originally supplied version.
  • Low Resolution Print – Download a large JPG version of file.
  • Screen – Download a smaller JPG file, roughly the size of a larger monitor.
  • Preview – View a large preview directly in the web browser.

To mark up an image for use in processing

  1. Hover over the image preview
  2. Click “Add Annotation”
  3. Move and scale box as necessary
  4. Type in comments
  5. Click OK

The additional tools listed below the download options are as follows:

  • Add to collection – This will add the image to the current Collection displayed in the lower frame.
  • Remove from collection – This will remove the image to the current Collection displayed in the lower frame.
  • Share – Quickly share this asset with other users via email or link.
  • Edit – Edit the metadata associated with the image.
  • Delete – Deletes the asset permanently from the system.
  • Manage previous files – Not currently in use
  • Log – View a log which lists all activity for the current image.
  • Star Rating – Each asset can be ranked from 1 to 5 stars by clicking on the rank you desire. New assets are not ranked. Multiple users can rank an asset and the rank will be averaged.

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