Using Simple Search I’ve found some images that are not in a collection. Can I submit them to Production if they aren’t in a collection?

In order for images to be submitted to production the images will need to exist in a collection. To add images into a collection please refer to the following steps.

  1. In the bottom “My Collections” pane create a new collection by clicking the “Current Collection” pulldown and then selecting “Create New Collection.”
  2. In the next screen fill out the relevant data including pub code, issue code, etc.
  3. Once the collection has been created it will be displayed in the lower My Collections pane.
  4. Locate the assets in the top “Search Results” pane.
  5. Under the asset thumbnail click the “add to current collection” icon for each image that you would like to add to the collection displayed in the lower My Collections frame.

What does the yellow triangle mean when uploading images?
When uploading images you will get a green check box if the images upload successfully. If you see a yellow triangle this means the upload was unsuccessful, please check your images and try again. Things to check are; file name must include extension, the file type is listed above, and the ICE content item name doesn’t have any special characters.

Can this system be accessed from outside the TEN/QG network or is VPN access required?
The system can be accessed from any internet connection. VPN is not required.

How secure is Photo Portal access?
The Photo Portal is built upon a proven asset management system. The system can only be accessed with a valid account username and password. All accounts are part of a group that controls the access and scope of assets/features available. All actions and activity are tracked and audit logs are kept detailing the history of each asset.

How stable is the system? Is there any chance of lost data?
Photo Portal is fully replicated between two separate data centers. In addition, each data center maintains daily backups to tape media, which are stored off-site.

How long are assets stored in Photo Portal?
Assets are kept online in Photo Portal for 100 days, with a 20 day “grace period” to allow for archiving. Failing to archive them within this period will result in their permanent deletion after 120 days.

How long can the session idle before I am automatically logged off?
The system will not automatically log you out.

Who should I contact if I cannot remember my logon credentials?
TEN Prepress. See the contact info on the last page of this document.

Is it okay to use the back button in my browser?
Although the back button will work fine in most cases, it is generally best to use the buttons/links built into the interface.

Do I need to disable pop-up blockers in order for Photo Portal to work properly?

I need access to files from Magazine X, but I can’t find them in Photo Portal. How can I access these files?
Most users only have access to the titles they work on. If you need a given title added to your account, please request access from TEN Prepress.

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