Collections are groupings of assets which are central to the organization and management of assets within Portal Portal. Collections do not represent folders on the server, but rather a ‘virtual’ grouping of assets. Therefore, an image can be used in multiple Collections while only one actual copy of the file exists within the Photo Portal system.

Collections can be organized and displayed in different ways, and can be created by the user to facilitate organization and management of assets. Collections are created when you upload assets to the Portal, and can also be created by the user as a way to organize and group assets for use or archive.

The Photo Portal provides two panes in the browser window to make it easier to view and organize the assets in your collections; the lower pane provides quick access to your collections, while the upper pane shows the assets ‘found’ with your last search.

Some examples of how collections are frequently used are: All images for a story, all “selects” for a story, or all outtakes for a story. Many users start with a large collection of images for a story and then pare it down to a smaller set of “selects” for print.

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