The primary supervisor (the person who created the Telephone Timesheets account) can create additional secondary supervisors.
When secondary supervisors are created, they are by default allowed full access to the administrative portal with one exception; only the primary supervisor can create secondary supervisors. Secondary supervisors can be restricted through permissions.

Highlights of The Supervisors Page

1. Supervisors are organized into 3 different categories; Users, Groups, Roles. You can filter supervisors using these 3 tabs.

2. Here you can add a supervisor , adjust settings , and find additional information about the supervisors page .

3. Here you can edit supervisors, delete Delete Button supervisors, change an individual supervisors Admin Portal preferences , transfer ownership of employee and job site records , and supervisor permissions

4. Here, you can add a new supervisor. This has the same function as the blue plus sign in the upper right corner. You can also download supervisor records by clicking

5. Here you can expand a supervisors information by clicking the icon.

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