Telephone Timesheets supports one-time and recurring schedules. Recurring schedules can be recurring weekly schedules, or they can be any recurring pattern such as, monthly, yearly, etc. Telephone Timesheets uses standards-based calendar rules, so integration with third-party calendars can be accomplished.

Schedule entries are not required; however, a schedule is useful for things like enforcing timely clock ins/outs by using the call/text/email notifications feature of the system.

Highlights of The Schedules Page

1. There are 3 sections to the Schedules page:

  • Schedules is where recurring and one-time schedules are created and edited. To learn more about creating schedules, go to the Adding Schedules section of the manual.
  • Shifts is where individual shifts can be created and edited. To learn more about editing individual shifts, go to the Editing An Individual Shift section of the manual.
  • Time Off is where is where time off entries are created and approval status is determined. Time off entries are organized into 3 categories, Approved, Denied, and Pending. To learn more about time off entries, go to the Time Off Tracking section of the manual.

2. Here you can add a schedule , adjust settings , and find additional information for each tab . Settings and the additional information for each tab in the Schedules section of the Admin Portal will vary from tab-to-tab.

3. Here you can edit and delete Delete Button schedule entries.

4. Here, you can add a new schedule. This has the same function as the blue plus sign in the upper right corner.

5. Here you can select to view your schedules on a day-by-day basis by clicking the . You can also refresh the page by clicking the .

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