By default, the system is setup to automatically assign a job to the employee, so that the employee does not have to make a choice at all.

The system goes through a series of evaluations to determine the correct job to assign to the employee using the following data.

1. Schedule Data. If the employee is schedule to do exactly one job at the time of their call, the system will automatically clock the employee in to that job. For example, employee Joe Stevens is scheduled to work at the Franklin Building at 8:00AM on Fridays. If the system receives a call from Joe Steven around 8:00AM on a Friday, he will get clocked in automatically to the Franklin Building job.

2. Caller ID. If the employee is calling from a land line, and that land line is associated with exactly one job (e.g. Franklin Building job) then the employee will get clocked in to the Franklin Building job.

In both of the above scenarios, the system was able to assign a job because there was no ambiguity about which job to assign. In each case, there was exactly one job that the employee could be calling in for. However, in some cases there will be ambiguity and the system will need more information in order to clock the employee in to the correct job. In those cases, the employee will be prompted to choose from a list of job names that will be read to them by the system.

For example, if an employee calls from a land line that is associated with two jobs. The Anderson Building and the Franklin Building. In that case, the employee would be prompted to choose. Similarly, if the employee’s schedule is ambiguous, the system may need to ask the employee to choose. For example, if an employee calls in at 9:30am, but that employee is scheduled to work at the Anderson Building from 9:00am to 10:00am and is also scheduled to work at the Franklin Building from 10:00am to 11:00am, these two schedules are close enough together, the system would need to ask the employee to confirm which job they were clocking in for.

In both of these examples, the employee would hear the following:

Press 1 for job: Anderson Building
Press 2 for job: Franklin Building

Click here to hear what it sounds like.


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