For companies that are accustomed to identifying jobs by a job code, administrators can enable the use of Job Codes for clocking in. Make sure your employees know the job codes before you enable job codes. Enabling Job Codes will change the behavior of the phone clock-in system and the web clock-in system. For phone clock-ins, employees will be prompted to “Please enter a job code followed by the pound key”.

Notice there are two additional checkbox options for how job codes are used; Allow Invalid Job Codes and Allow Unscheduled Jobs. Both of these options are enabled by default what job codes are in use.

1. Allow Invalid Job Codes. When enabled, employees are allowed to clock in even if they do not know the job code. If they fail twice to enter a valid job code, they will be clocked in to the system’s catch-all job named “Unassigned Job”. If this is unchecked, they will only be able to clock in if they enter a valid job code. If they enter invalid job codes or no job code at all, they will hear the following “You failed to enter a valid job code. Please contact your supervisor to retrieve a valid job code for your location”

2. Allow Unscheduled Jobs. When this is checked, employees are allowed to clock in even if the job code they entered is for a job that is not scheduled. For example, job code 33 is a valid job code for a job that is only scheduled for Friday, the employee would still be allowed to clock in for that job on a Wednesday. However, if this option is unchecked, they will not be able to clock in for job code 33 until the schedule is updated. Rather, they will hear “There are no schedule entries at this time for the job code you entered. Please talk to your supervisor.”

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