Telephone Timesheets has the ability to break down the hours worked by each employee into 4 categories:
1. Regular Hours
2. Overtime Hours (anything over 40 hours per week)
3. Holiday Hours (any hours worked during a US Federal Holiday)
4. Holiday + Overtime Hours (any hours worked over 40 and on a US Holiday)

If you only pay for regular hours, there is no need to take any action. However, if you use Payroll Items in QuickBooks to pay employees different rates for things like overtime and holidays, you can map those Payroll Items to the associated categories in Telephone Timesheets. You can view the Payroll Items in QuickBooks by clicking on Lists —> Payroll Item List menu as shown below.

Make note of the Payroll Item names you see in the Payroll Items List. You will need to enter the exact names you use in QuickBooks.

You can now enter each of the corresponding Payroll Items into the corresponding categories in Telephone Timesheets.

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