Checklist report are a special kind of report for the employee to fill out at the end of their shift. This “in-shift” report can be used to keep track of the performance of your employees.
These reports are unique, because they can be customized according to your business needs.

A checklist consist of a set of list items that you can customize. You can also target each list to specific employees and/or jobs.

Highlights of This Form:

Checklist is Enabled/Disabled
This function makes the Checklist either active or inactive. Marking a Checklist as disabled makes it so employees can no longer fill out the checklist report.

Here, the title of the checklist is created. The title appears in the employee web application and some reports to identify this checklist.

Instructions appear in the employee web portal and some reports. Length should be kept to a few sentences.

Creating the Checklist
The checklist you create must consist of yes and no questions. For each item in the checklist, the employee will have the option to say yes , no , or not applicable for each item in the checklist.

Targeted Employees
Here, you can link 1 or more employees to a checklist report. This makes it so no matter what job the employee is doing, they are able to fill out this checklist

Targeted Job
Here, you can link 1 or more jobs to a checklist report. This makes it so that any employee doing that specific job can fill out this checklist.

Require Checklist
When enabled, this checklist will be required before checkout. If the checklist report isn’t required, when an employee is to compete the checklist report they will need to navigate to Menu—> Reports—> Start new report.

Once a checklist has been created, it will be accessible from the employee web portal Reports menu.

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