You can create a new time entry by either using the icon in the upper right corner or use the in the lower left corner of the Time Entries section of the portal.

This will bring you to the Add Time Entry form where you can enter all of the elements of a timesheet entry. This is useful if an employee was not able to check in or out. As an administrator of the portal, you can create that time entry for them exactly as if they had checked in and out themselves.

Highlights of This Form:

Time entries are made on a per employee basis. Jobs with multiple assigned employees will give each employee their own time entry. When creating a time entry, you can only select one employee.

There are 2 different types of jobs to select for a time entry:

1. Unscheduled Job: Here, you are able to select any unscheduled job for the time entry.

2. Scheduled Shift: Here, you can select a scheduled shift for the time entry. You must have a job already scheduled for that employee to use this feature.

Start Date
Here, you select the start date for the time entry. This most often is the same start date as selected in the Start/End Time fields of the form.

Start/End Time
Select the start/ end time for the schedule entry. You also have the ability to adjust the date of the start and end time for multi-day shifts.

Break Length
By clicking image you can enter the break length for that time entry. This can only be done once the time entry has been created, meaning you’ll have to enter the break length via the Edit Time Entry form.

Check In/Out photos
Here, you can upload an employees check in/out photos if they have them

Bill/Pay Rates
Here, you can adjust time entries bill or pay rates to employees, clients, and vendors.

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