General Settings can be used to customize the system according to your business needs. This includes things like whether to use job codes, which languages to use for employees, and whether to allow employees to self-enroll the first time they call in. There is a detailed explanation of each setting by clicking on the icon.

Highlights of This Form

Autocreate employees
When enabled, new employees will be able to self enroll when calling in for the first time

Use job codes
When enabled, you can create codes for employees used for clocking in/out. If in use, the system will prompt your employees to enter this code when clocking in/out.

Track budgeted time overage
When enabled, Telephone Timesheets tracks the hours worked vs the hours budgeted for a job using Time Budgets. When utilizing the Time Budget, you are able to set an amount of time (e.g. 5 hours) to a job, and report on overages if they occur.

Enable travel tracking
When enabled, Telephone Timesheets will track employee travel using the employee web app. Travel entries will be logged in the time entries section.

Enable IVR and SMS breaks
When enabled, employees will be able to start and end breaks via call or text.

Require break confirmation
When enabled, employees will be asked to confirm that they were given the opportunity to take all allowed breaks for their shift.

Allow employees to access the system using their External ID
This option is only available if all employees have an External ID set. It allows them to use either their External ID or their phone number when accessing the system by phone.

Allow employee schedules to overlap
When enabled, it’s allowed to create employee schedules which overlap existing schedules.

Send schedule change notifications to employees
When enabled, employees will be notified with updated schedule information when their schedule changes.

System Prompt Language Options
Here, you can select the languages that your employees speak. When employees clock in/out over the phone, they will hear all languages that you have selected. You can adjust the order of which the languages are presented over the phone. For example, if you have English and Spanish selected, you can choose which language plays first over the phone.

Supervisor for Autocreated Employees
Here, you can select a supervisor that is automatically assigned to all autocreated employees.

Employee Vacation Clock-In Alerts
An optional list of email addresses which will be notified if an employee attempts to clock-in while on vacation. An employee is considered to be on vacation if they have been scheduled in the Time Off tab in the Schedules section of the Admin Portal.

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