Sygic FleetWork 6.0
17. March 2016

Sygic Municipal extension enables the dispatchers to create, import, edit, export and synchronize planned routes with professional instructions for the drivers to follow the routes exactly as planned and provides the drivers turn by turn navigation on those routes. Route optimization was extended to calculate the optimal route with time windows. Job statuses are being refreshed automatically on the dispatcher’s screen.

Sygic FleetWork 5.0
1. November 2015

Address book has been added. You may create often visited addresses and add them to jobs easily. New user role was added – Administrator. Dispatcher’s rights have been reduced to creating and dispatching jobs. New Group functionality has been implemented, users may be put into groups and only users in a group may see jobs belonging to this group.

Job Dispatch has become Sygic FleetWork
29. April 2015

Sygic FleetWork integrates Job Dispatch with Sygic Professional navigation. In single subscription you will get cloud based work and field management tool with integrated Sygic Navigation, including truck attributes, real time traffic and online speed cameras. For more information and all new features please visit Sygic FleetWork product page.

Job Dispatch 3.0
11. March 2015

Job Dispatch is connected with professional Sygic Navigations. All important Job information with action buttons are displayed directly in navigation screen, so a driver does not need to switch between applications. Dispatcher may see all drivers moving on map, position accuracy is indicated with circle around the events. New speeding report was added. Custom forms for tasks were enhanced with drop down field option. Workers may choose from templates when creating their job from app as well as they can sort their jobs by name.

Job Dispatch 2.2
12. December 2014

New feature to track working time was added. Workers may clock-in / out or take a break directly from application and dispatcher may see their timesheet summary. You may enhance job with custom fields providing an option to add or collect extra information about the job. New reports for tracking working time, travel log and job statuses were added. Improvements on the map help you better understand the job progress. WEB interface was optimized for tablets and mobile devices.

Job Dispatch 2.1
6. October 2014

Great new feature – Route optimization – has been added to Job Dispatch. You can optimize route by addresses in task to save time and fuel. Jobs can be assigned to all drivers and whoever accepts it first, gets the job. We have rebuilt the messenger, which now supports most common attachments like PDF or Office files.

Major Web update
11. September 2014

Job Dispatch now works with Google Maps. All countries and cities are now covered. Creating jobs is faster due to new address autocomplete. Map browsing is faster and displaying of drivers and tasks on maps improved. You can switch to satellite or street view to choose exact job location. Application update with more handy features will be released soon.

Job Dispatch 2.0
7. August 2014

Major update bringing many improvements and new features. Job Dispatch now supports bar codes. Position accuracy has been improved while battery life extended. We improved displaying of traveled routes on map. You can connect Job dispatch directly to your system using our API. Application has got new side menu and is localized also in Spanish and Italian. You can get overview of some advanced features in the documentation. Many small graphic and usage improvements.

Job Dispatch 1.5
26. June 2014

We added an option to create a job directly from the mobile application. Drivers can now send multiple attachments in single message. Web, mobile application and the connection between them have been secured. An option to set the position accuracy level in mobile application may help you find the best balance between the accuracy and battery life. You can create a template from any job. There have been improvements of job list in application and new sorting has been added.


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