Use Ontolica Fusion for “Cross Platform Workflows / File Subscriptions”

“Data Driven”, running unattended, Client Side.

Platforms include
  • Citrix ShareFile (October 2016)
  • All versions of SharePoint on-premises
  • Office 365 (SharePoint Online)
  • Windows FileShares & FTP
  • CSV/TXT/XML files
  • Excel Tables, Query Tables & Sheets
  • Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)

Functionality in detail.

Ontolica Fusion can “Push” documents from SharePoint Document Libraries to their Client’s ShareFile Folder(s). All done automatically and unattended.

The process is “Data Driven” by Document Managed Metadata, Content Types, completed SharePoint Workflow etc. – and driven by data stored in an associated SharePoint List Items or Database/Excel table rows.

Also it enables to conditionally replicate/move documents from different ShareFile Clients Folders, and upload them dynamically to SharePoint Document Libraries
and at the same time, set SharePoint Managed Metadata and Content Type, start SharePoint Workflow and update associated SharePoint List Items or Database table rows.

- Again “Data Driven”.

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